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188+3 sentence examples: 1. The large limestone caves are also quarried for cement. 2. The local limestone is very porous. 3. Limestone was frequently used as a building material. 4. Limestone is known to retain moisture. 5. Between the white limesto

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Limestone definition, a sedimentary rock consisting predominantly of calcium carbonate, varieties of which are formed from the skeletons of marine microorganisms and coral: used as a building stone and in the manufacture of lime. See more.

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Examples of how to use the word lime in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.

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Don't use a comma before while when you mean "during the same time."; Do use a comma before while when you mean "whereas" or "although."; When while is used as a conjunction, it has two meanings. One meaning is related to time. In the temporal sense, while describes something that is happening at the same time as something else. The other meaning of while indicates a contrast.

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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use lime, so you can learn how to use lime in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word lime here, and see the words sound like or similar to lime # Sentence Times; 1. A beautiful species preserved in an impure limestone. 1: 2.

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Limestone definition: Limestone is a whitish-coloured rock which is used for building and for making cement. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Log In Dictionary. Thesaurus. Translator. Grammar. ... Examples of 'limestone' in a sentence limestone.

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Apr 27, 2010· What is an example of a sentence using the word limestone? ... Limestone is soluble, which means that the water produced from the reaction will dissolve and crumble the limestone…

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Dimension stone, flint, rubble, burnt or unburnt brick, use them as you find them. For it is not every neighborhood or particular locality that can have a wall built of burnt brick like that at Babylon, where there was plenty of asphalt to take the place of lime and sand, and yet possibly each may be provided with materials of equal usefulness so that out of them a faultless wall may be built ...

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limestone definition: a sedimentary rock consisting mainly of calcium carbonate, often composed of the organic remains of sea animals, as mollusks, corals, etc., and used as building stone, a source of lime, etc.: when crystallized by heat and pressure ...

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Sep 30, 2009· Can you use the word limestone in a sentence? I will need one more bag of limestone, please. ... A sentence can have one word, and as a question then it can be a sentence: What? A sentence …

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Lime definition: A lime is a green fruit that tastes like a lemon . Limes grow on trees in tropical... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples ... Cooks use lime and other citrus fruits to add taste to dishes. ... Examples of 'lime' in a sentence lime. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.

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Understanding lime Thomas Lin Pedersen & Michaël Benesty 2019-11-12. In order to be able to understand the explanations produced by lime it is necessary to have at least some knowledge of how these explanations are achieved. To this end, you are encouraged to read through the article that introduced the lime framework as well as the additional resources linked to from the original Python ...

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To use limelight in a sentence: You can use lime light by saying when i went to my friends house there was a room that had a limelight in it and it caught my attention. 4. Use "lime" in a sentence | "lime" sentence examples. 4. limes example sentence. English majors : 4. 20.

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Use "limestone" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Limestone in a sentence. Limestone; These are made of limestone. The limestone rests on mica slate. ... The wall was made of limestone and mortar, which is …

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Limestone quotes from YourDictionary: Consequently, limestone when taken out of the kiln... though its bulk remains the same as before, it is found to have lost about a third of its weight owing to the boiling out of the water. Therefore, its pores bei...

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Heating the limestone (calcium carbonate) drives off carbon dioxide gas leaving behind lime, the base calcium oxide. Do we need a comma before "leaving behind lime", or is it optional? Maybe the presence of "the base calcium oxide" makes it awkward to use a second comma in the sentence?

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lime definition: Lime means a greenish-yellow color. (adjective) An example of lime is the stone peridot.... Definitions. lime lime. Use lime in a sentence. A whole lime with slices. adjective. Lime means a greenish-yellow color. ... Sentence Examples. Salt, lime and gypsum are abundant.

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191+7 sentence examples: 1. A broad avenue of lime trees led up to a grand entrance with huge oak doors. 2. Add a few drops of lime juice. 3. The gas has been tested with lime water. 4. Acidity in soil can be neutralized by spreading lime on it. 5. T

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Limestone definition is - a rock that is formed chiefly by accumulation of organic remains (such as shells or coral), consists mainly of calcium carbonate, is extensively used in building, and yields lime …

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Translate limestone into Spanish. Find words for limestone in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir limestone de Inglés a español.

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